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A lot of this book is intertwined with my personal struggles with evil in America and the world. I know that Sin is front and center of all of mankind’s problem…and Satan. This is my only voice to the world. As Christians, we have 1) a voice, 2) prayer, and 3) a vote. I grew up on welfare in the projects in Houston, TX, with my mother and four brothers. I joined the Army at age 17. In July of 1979, that ended poverty for me. Of course, I sent money home every month, but poverty for me had ended. I can only credit God and my grandmother Lillian’s prayers for rescuing me from the streets of South Park, Houston, TX. I did not know it was the LORD who led me into the Army until years later after I rededicated my life to Christ. I retired after 25 years of active duty service with combat service in Operation Desert Storm. My last assignment was a Battle Staff Instructor at the Sergeant’s Major Academy, Fort Bliss, TX, during OIF/OEF. After retirement, I was a Sr. Curriculum Developer at the same Academy as a contractor with General Dynamics. As a civilian contractor, I also spent 14 months as a Sr. Property Specialist at FOB Shindand, Kandahar, Afghanistan, with the 4/401stAFSB (2012-2014). I currently reside in El Paso, TX. I have two beautiful daughters and six grandchildren. I am currently enrolled in the D.Min program at SAGU (Aug 2020).

Nothing has rocked the world as COVID-19 since the Spanish Flu of 1918! Nearly 100 years to this day and time have we not seen an epidemic that has crashed economies and claimed the lives of over one million people worldwide…and counting!

  • This book looks at China’s attempt at World Dominance.
  • It also looks at the newly discovered origins of the Coronavirus, where we are now, and what lies ahead.
  • In addition, multitudes of people in all four corners of the globe are wondering if this worldwide pandemic is a judgment from God.
  • This book seeks to give answers to the questions on everyone’s mind with factual information obtained from top news journalists around the world.

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